These audios changes Your deep beliefs.

You want to learn a new language.?

Then You want to buy "Learn Beginner Language X".

1. You pay.

2. You get a link in your Email.

3. That link gives You an MP3, than You can download.

4. You listen to the MP3 2-3 times.

5. Each time it will change Your deep belief a little.

If you think of a belief, like something that goes from -10 to 10...

Like cutting of your own hand, is a -10 (It is not going to happen),

and taking a breath is  a +10 (You will do that every minute of every day).

The audio will change you in a major and a mionr way.

The major way, it will change You maybe 3-4 points.

The minor way, it will change You maybe 1-2 points.

That is how much your beliefs changes, every day You listen to it.

Let us use learn a language as our example:

The major thing "Learn Basic Language 1" does, is motivation You to learn +10 new words in that language, every day.

And make You think that it is easy to remember 50 new words every day, in that language.

The minor, is to make You think, that it is easy to speak the language.

So You will start to speak the language, when You have learned the first 200 words.

The reason why Hypnosis is so powerful is this.

You come to me and says, I like to do X, but I have some problems with doing it.

I can remove those problems, in 10 minutes or less.

Just imagine in a month You can be speaking simple Mandarin,

or be well on the way to writing Your first book,

Or having lived on a budget for a month, and saved 20% of your income.

As I say to my customer: "It is Okay to dream Big here."