JesperSB's Work In Progress

Red Dwarf


Blue Giant


Crystal Planet


When a system is mostly stable.

The plot.

Change Homeostasis.

1: Rogue Planet

Space is mostly empty.

Space is mostly calm planets and stars revolving around each other.

Star system, rotating around other systems,

In large Galaxy's.

You can watch the stars for a thousand year and see nothing new.

A change is so small that nobody will see it.

But the change has all ready happened.

A million years ago in another system.

Twin stars dancing around each other.

A red dwarf and a blue giant.

The planets around these twins are subjected to changes every time the stars rotate around each other.

The smallest of the inner planets are no exception.

The planet should have hit one of the stars in its ever lower orbit around the twins.

But for some reason it never happened.

The planet has been crushed by gravity over and over again.

To the point where the planet is no longer rock or water or anything soft....

The planet is nearly all made from crystal.

Because Crystal is all that can survive the hard tortures journey into the gravity well of the two twin stars.

This system is stable.

Sort of.

But another system has another giant blue star.

That star is about to go Supernova.

This has all ready started way before any life was present in the universe....

Blue stars burns faster, but also has short lifespans.

The blue giant slowly, over a hundred of years, started to collapse.

This blue star is just a fraction to light to become a black hole.

The collapse, has just run it course, and the star goes Supernova.

The shock wave goes out in all the directions from the dying star.

The star is no longer, but the effect will last for a long time.

The Crystal planet was on the far-side of the twin stars, when the shock wave hits.

The planet was on its outbound parabolic journey, when the twins stars was hit.

The shock wave moved the two twin stars to close, and they started a fast fusion.

But for a single tick, a single second, on the universal time line...

The Crystal planet was free, from the gravity pull of the twins stars.

And the planet started its outbound journey.

This system was place on an arm in a spiral galaxy.

The Crystal planet was flung out from the System, and out from the Galaxy.

For most rogue planets, that story would end here.

Because space is large, and mostly made up of empty, cold nothingness.

But we want an exciting story.

An adventure, with Hero's and Villains.

Can You figure out which is which.?