JesperSB's Work In Progress

1: The Note

The year is 2528, and the world is still getting use to living with three sentient groups.

The AIs were working for humans and synths, and trying to figure out where they where going.

Synths were doing their jobs, but also started up families, and some synth child was about to reach the age where they could walk.

Humans were for the most part just living their lives like they have been doing for the last two thousand years.

The city of Vorkuta was still moving along with its quiet life some below the surface, and some above the surface in the mountains of the Ural.

Moved up into the mountains because of the rising sea from the global warming and under ground in to caves to protect against the EMPs from the sun.

The EMPs from the sun meant that all electronic equipment had to be below ground, and only diesel engines worked above ground.

The four girls were walking down the street of the fourth Okrug, smiling and having fun.

They were on a mission to find out more about themselves and their births.

Shadow was wearing her hat to kept cyberspace out of her head. And she was relaxed as long as she could keep the hat on.

The attack from the evil AI had scared her and now she wanted to stop the noise in her head.

They four girls had found a note in the bible left for Ada by their nun, Sister Margaret.

By an coincidence Sister Margaret had become the 'Mother' of Ada, and when she was killed, her belongings was transferred to Ada.

Nobody had thought much about the note when it fell out of the bible, while Ada was having her ninth birthday, and the note had just been stuffed inside the book again.

Ox had also tried to read the bible, about three months later, when the rain had been hitting their small house. She was feeling restless and had been walking the house, for an hour.

She sat down in the living room, and saw the bible in its cover laying on the table. She took the book out of it cover, opened it, and started to read it. The letters of the bible was curly and it took some time to read the first verse. She was looking out of the window, and dreaming away, when the note fell out of the bible.

She read the note, and recognised Sister Margaret handwriting. Ox had spent many hours with the Nuns learning to write like in the old days. Her strong hands was not made for delicate writing with a pen, but she liked the idea of being able to leave something Real behind.

Ox read the note twice, before calling the others. Only three things were written on the note.

Maj Hilton – Number Sixty – Yuri Protocol

The other girls came into the room. First Shadow, then Ada and lastly Sap.

Shadow asked: “So what is happening. Did you get to bored, and wanted to play chess again.?”

Ox held up the note: “I found this note in the bible. It is Sister Margaret's handwriting. But I don't recall a girl called Maj Hilton.”

She read out the three lines, and they all shook their heads, until Ada said: “Sap, wasn't you last name Hilton.? Like before.”

Sap takes the note, and read it a couple of times, and nodded her head: “Yes. My mother was Maia Hilton. Maybe this was my sister or something.?”

Ox stood up from the chair she had been sitting and reading in: “We never know unless we go below to the city. Maybe we can find out in the city's archives. ?”

Ada looked out of the window, and up into the sky: “The weather is not getting any better. We could go down now, and then walk in the dry cavern.?”

Sap looked at the note, and tried to look through to guess what the note meant. She shook her head, and look at the others: “We can walk to the hole in less than half an hour. Anybody up for a visiting the city.?”

Ox and Ada both nodded their heads, but Shadow shook hers: “I don't know, Ada might get a cold, and we need to look at the fields.”

Half an hour later, the four of us was on the way down to the cavern to look at the city archives. We knew where it was, but had never been their.

It would had helped a lot if Shadow wanted to use her cyber-skill, but she had a strange reluctance to visiting cyberspace.

The four of us made it nearly dried to the hole, and started walking down. The traffic in and out of the hole, was light at the middle of the day.

Some people lived outside, because they liked the fresh air, and low density, but had jobs inside the caverns...

Some livid inside because they liked being online, and having other people around, but from time to time worked at the farms on the surface.

Some families even spent harvest time like a holiday away from the caverns.

Ada had been made head-girl for the children from the cavern last harvest. The children gathered berries and nuts, from the orchards.

Ada might be a super bright child, but she did also like being just another child between the girls and boys.

The rain had let up as we started to walk down into the cavern, and we stood and watched over the cavern from the stairs.