Tefaris Book Three

Al Tefaris a series of book about Three kids doing magic, and helping each other survive in the world.

Think Harry Potter books, but build in the Classic Dungeons and Dragons (DND) World.

Elves, Trolls and Dragons are normal but hiding from view.

1: Troll Hunt

If You passed us by, You would not notice us.

Just a couple standing at the bus stop, waiting for the last bus of the day.

Maybe on their first date, and for a walk in the woods.

The snow has been falling all day, and we had been out in the woods.

Of course in my world, nothing is really what is seems like.

I wear a short sword, at my side, A long dark blue robe, and a wide brimmed, black hat.

The girl has an armour underneath her lose shirt, and a helmet, that looks like a bike helmet.

Her main weapon is a longsword at her left side.

At her back is a short bow, and arrows, in a quiver.

I am a powerful mage, and the young lady at my side, is my sword wielding Elvis counterpart.

She has blood dripping from a wound, in her side.

I have never seen her really wounded before, and this wound does look mortal.

We had been walking in the woods.

That part is true.

We had been hunting for a small girl, that had gone missing in the woods.

We have been part of a larger search party.

They had never tracked before, my sidekick has.

They gave up, when they have search the other side of the border...

We just keep working, until we find her.

The attack came out of nowhere.

A troll throwing a rusted spear, silently, and maybe a hundred meters.

Only the armour and Shyla's Elven reflexes, keep the spear, from killing her.

I picked a spell at random, and throw it at the troll.

Chain lightning.

It should not have worked.

But fuelled by fear, surprise, and more fear...

The three trolls was hit many times, with the lightning, and that scared them off.

We started running.

I gave her a healing potion, and she might survive.

The trolls starting giving pursuit.

I had to half carry Her, and help her, and fight off the trolls.

The last spell I used, might have bought us some time.

'Wall of Fire'.

Between us and them.

It might last for another minute, and if the bus comes, before that minute is up...

I see the bus, slowly making its way through the woodlands.

In here is just a simple road, with a bus stop.

The snow is falling, and the bus has some problems with stopping.

It slides a meter or so.

I carry her to the door, and up the three steps.

The young driver says:

“We will wait here, while I have put on the snow chains.”

He takes a look at my sidekick, and says:

“What the fuck happened to her.?”

I choose to say the truth.

I say: “She was pierced by a spear, and is dying.”

I haul her into the bus, and he says:

“Don't bleed on the seats, or they will have my hide.”

I find the open room in the middle of the bus, for baby carriages and bikes.

I help the girl down, and sit next to her.

The bus driver says: “What do You want me to do.?”

I say: “Drive to the nearest hospital.”

He ask: “Should I put on the snow chains.?”

I am about to shout at him, when the back window of the bus shatters.

Another Spear, hits the seat just next to us.

The driver says: “What was that.?”

I shout: “Set the bus in high gear, and push the metal down.”

The bus start to roll.

Slow at first, slipping a little on the slippery surface, but at least away.

An alarm start to sound.

The driver close the front door, and the alarm stops.

The bus skids a little on the snowy road, and he says: “What is hunting us.?”

I shout: “Does it matter, what is trying to kill us.?”

He says: “There is a hospital, about ten kilometres away. I will get You there.”

We drive for a minute, when he hits the breaks.

The bus skids about ten meter, and starts to turn a little side ways.

I say: “What is happening.?”

The bus driver opens the door, and somebody enters.

The man says: “Boy. You need to put on snow chains.!

You are...

I smell blood, and something else.?”

The man looks like a lumberjack.

Strong arms, and wide shoulders.

A brown beard and a working jacket.

He enters, and looks at the missing rear window and says:

“What has happened here.?”

The driver says: “We was attacked.

We need to get to the hospital.”

The lumberjack looks at the young bus driver, and says:

“Start driving, and don't stop for anything.”

He walks three steps, back in the bus, and looks at us.

He sit down and says: “How can I help.?”

I say: “We need a medic, and fast.”

He says: “You don't have something that can help her.?”

I say: “I have been a little busy, with the hunt.”

He says: “Breath in and breath out.”

He talks me down a step, and then says:

“Look in your bags, if there is something.”

I open my backpack, and looks through it.

Nothing, as I know there was.

I take her backpack, and opens it.

It is a dual backpack to sit on each side of her arrow-quiver.

I find a small healing potion.

I open it and pours it on the bane wound.

The wound turns from dark blue, to a little lighter blue.

I say: “You don't seem surprised.?”

The lumberjack says: “By a mage and an Elven fighting team or by what.?”

The driver shouts: “We are here.”

He blocks the breaks and the bus skids ten meters.

I smile and says: “The kid needs to learn to drive in snow.”

The lumberjack says: “He is my nephew, and I will show him the technique... Later.”

He helps me with the girl.

The bus driver has open the middle doors.

We help each other down the steps.

The kid has placed the bus on the outside of a small divider.

We have to walk maybe ten meters to the hospital entrance.

We get to the doors, and they slide open.

I can smell bleach, and other cleaning agents.

The nurse at the reception takes a look at us.

She pick us her phone and shouts something.

The plastic wall between us, makes it impossible to hear.

Two nurses with a cart comes running, and get the girl into the operation room fast.

I sit down, next to the lumberjack, and says:

“Should I be happy, that it is not full moon.?”

He smiles and says: “So I am not that secretive.?”

The nurse from the reception comes out to us, and says:

“What is the girls name.?”

I say: “Shyla. I don't know her last name.”

The nurse looks at her paper and says:

“I need a last name.!”

I say: “Write 'Tefaris'.”

She write it down and says:

“Are You her next of kind.?”

I smile and look at the werewolf, that just helped me carry Shyla into the hospital.

We only had one date, so let us not get into that.

I say: “I am her employer, but You might write my name.”

She ask: “And What is Your name.?”