Gunboat Elisabeth

Patrick Pennington, is an anomaly. A Homosexual Synth.

Elisabeth has to transport him to Earth, to be Dissected, so they can find the defect.

He goes rogue and becomes first electrician on the Ship....

He is just one of the many weird people on the Gunboat Elisabeth.

They are doing their duty, transporting people and machines, from planet to planet.

Then the first Aliens ship, was discovered.

Now Gunboat Elisabeth, and her motley crew, is all that stands between Earth, and the Alien Invasion.

Think Firefly or Serenity or maybe even Galaxy Quest.

1: E. N. D. Elisabeth

Earth Navy Destroyer class Elisabeth...

Or just Gunboat Elisabeth.

We might have a high and mighty name.

But we are mostly just a ferry, carrying people to and from settlements around the Sol system.

Crew numbers around fifteen.

Engine, service, weapons, command, and cargo.

Some of them are synth, and some are humans.

The AI/Synth revolution was about 5 months back....

And it change nothing.

We show respect to all people, no matter where You are from or how You are born.

The passengers can be either twenty, if they want to be awake.

Or around a hundred, if they can be in Hyper-sleep.

Some humans don't like hyper-sleep.

Never meet a Synth that had a problem with it.

I am Captain Maynard Levi Longhurst, or just Captain Levi.

This is my seventh month on Elisabeth, and we have just set off thirty-five settlers on Venus.

We have to take a simple trip to Mercury.

You can settle on Venus, if You can live within a domes and the caves beneath the surface.

Venus is a hell-hole, even more than Earth is.

On Earth You can walk on the surface, and there are farms and people living there.

No electronic because of the EMP from the Sun's Corona Mass Ejection.

Around Earth's equator the temperature can stay over fifty degrees at night.

But away from the equator, then temperature is okay for living.

On Venus the temperature is always close to four-hundred degrees outside of the domes.

That is why You only touch down on the night side.

We have a whaleboat, that can take about twenty passengers up or down.

Or ten heavy armoured soldiers in power-suits.

But it has never been used for the last.

Mercury on the other hand, is much more alive.

You can walk on the surface in the twilight.

You might die in about a minute.

The last guy lasted two minutes, with an oxygen mask, and a simple temp-suit.

But because of the closeness to the Sun, signals are sometimes interrupted.

We just need to go around it and say 'Hallo'.

Light speed time is around four minutes at the current positions of the two planets.

Our warp engine jumps one minute/day.

So simple we need to spend 4 days in Warp-Space, to reach Mercury.

Add a day between each jump day, to recharge the batteries.

A travel time of eight days.

The biggest problem is, the before mentioned EMPs from the Sun.

Elisabeth is equipped with several Faraday cages for protection against EMP.

But the sub-light engines and the warp engine, has to be outside of those cages.

An EMP in a warp is a 'fun' experience.

If fun for You is, being throw out of a plane, when You are sleeping.

Waking up in a free fall, without any idea of how You got there.

Everybody in a space ship has tried it, and nobody likes it.

The closer to the Sun, the wilder the EMP.

The wilder the EMP, the harder the wake up.

Add to that the Sun's mass.

The closer You get to a large mass like the Sun, the hard is gets to pilot Warp-Space.

And the even more wild, the Ejection from Warp-Space, if Hit by the EMP....

All in all, a fun time is ahead.

Elisabeth is has two forward facing torpedo tubes, and one rear facing.

We do operate in 3D space, and enemies can come from any place.

We haven't fired the weapons in anger, once in the first five years Elisabeth has existed.

There are two rail guns also forward facing.

And an anti-fighter dual gun on top of the ship.

Yes, there is a top and bottom on the ship, although we try not to think of it that way.

Five-hundred years after the first manned moon landing, and we are still just ape escaping the Earth surface.

We do fire the guns and the torpedoes.

Once a month we have a live fire drill, and once a week a fake fire drill.

We are a military vessel, even though we mostly fire at rocks and old satellites.

It helps the Deep Rock miners.

It helps to use military grade guns to blast rocks.

Then the Miner have an easier time to extract the mining ore.

We sometimes let the Miners shout out attack orders, so the gunner can have a little more real fighting experience.

The crazies of the miners fly through the laser blasts and attack the ore...

But that trains the gunners to avoid hitting civilians, while still hit the targets.

The reason is that the first miner to reach a new Ore, gets his/her claim on that ore.

And they sometimes find a lifetime worth of ore on those drills.

Of course that also gives our ship a beer, or a cake.

That happened twice in the seventh months I have been captain.

-The Crew, and the AI.

Engineering makes the ship move.

Service makes the food, and cleaning the hall ways.

Weapons handles the security, weapons and flying.

Command is me and my wing man.

We handle the direction and speed of this row-boat.

Cargo, handles cargo, and helps the passengers.

Sometimes You need zero guys on cargo, and sometimes You need ten. And then we all help.

This row-boat is a team effort.

I once a week wash the floor, and cleans the monitors on both command bridges.

The one with the windows, passengers wants to see, and the Auxiliary command bridge.

I also tried our Anti-fighter guns.

I am still 'a boy that likes guns'.

The revolution just added a little ripple on the surface.

The Synth went on strike for a day, and the Human had to make their own food.

The AI also wants to be warned, with it has to be reloaded.

And about a day later, everything was back to normal.

The Synth that repairs the cleaning drone, has also become the ship's chess master.

But except for those small things, life on the Gunboat Elisabeth is normal.

And of course the AI wants to be called Elisabeth, which is okay with me.