New Books (2021)

Author JesperSB's Books

I am a 47 years old Man.

My name is Jesper Skjærbæk.

I live just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I like to write about Fantasy, Sword and Magic and Sci-fi.

I am a speed writer, and self-publisher.

I write a book a month.

My books are on Amazon Hardcopy and Amazon Kindle.

You can also find some of my books in Barnes and Noble.

Books I have written:

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A Good Harry Potter Clone
A firefly or Serenity book clone, about people in space
A Fun Harry Potter Clone
In a Blanderunner world, a kid grow up, as an orphan.
Jason Bourne clone book, about what happens if You got fired, as a government killer
A Nice Harry Potter Clone
Somewhere between Seven Son, and the last witch Hunter...
Warcraft clone, with Magic, Elves, Orc and Dragons

Al Tefaris:
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Ancient Alliance
Warcraft Book

Warcraft Books

World of warcraft

Orcs, Elves,

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Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor

Ada Orbum
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