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Welcome to my Hypnose Company.

My name is Jesper, and I have known hypnosis for over 10 years.

The last about 3 years I have learned a new type of Hypnosis.

This Hypnosis, makes me able to change old patterns of behaviour.

What is Hypnosis.?

I can tell You how it feels, when I add a rule to You.

Imagine driving on road, and You see a traffic signal change to red.

You stop.

Even if there are no other cars on the road.

Because You have learned that rule.

My Hypnosis technique adds rules.

One day You can over-eat a familie size pizza alone,

after Hypnosis, You just eat 1-2 slices, and save the rest for later.

My special is Helping Obese People to Lose Weight.

I have help over 100 persons to lose weight in the last 6 months.

My Hypnotic Audios are an Simple, Easy Way to Lose Weight.

Do You weigh more than 80 kilos, then You want to buy my Slim Audios.

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Do You smoke more than 5 cigarets a day, and You want to stop Smoking:

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Do You Weigh more than 200 kilos

or Your BMI is above 50,

Contact me for a Free Session.

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