1: Ted talk one

I have followed this guy for a long time.

So when he is ready to tell his tale, I better listen to it.

Because it is about me, and my king.

I press the play button on the YouTube video.

A young man says:

Hallo. My name is Mark.

I am an archaeology linguistics.

Which means I study dead languages.

All of You, know that Latin is a dead language.

Nobody knows who to pronounce it, because nobody was alive to teach other how to speak it.

About ten years ago, we found a new grave.

It was a kings grave, or burial mound.

The initial dating is around the year zero BC or close after the birth of Christ.

This is the first king or head chief, known in what we now refers as Denmark, or Jutland.

This name was Tor-kiln.

He was the son of Odian.

And he might be the the inspiration for the legends of Valhalla, and the start to what we Danes call Ase-tro. Or believing in Ase.

For the ones who don't know Ase-tro, this is the short version.

There is an afterlife, and it is called Valhalla.

In Valhalla, there are several gods.

The oldest and wise is called Odin, and his son is called Thor.

They spend their life fighting Jætter, evil Giants, that wants to conquer Middle Earth.

If You fight a good fight, and die, You will find yourself in Valhalla.

At the eternal feast, along side other great warriors.

Waiting for the last great attack, Ragnarök.

Okay. Back to the grav of Tor-kiln.

So we dig out the grave, and I am called in to translate the runes into Danish, and English.

The problem arise, when the runes don't make a lot of sense.

The letters of the rune alphabet is known, so translating it should be easy.

But this is an earlier version, so we try to compare it to known version of runes.

I mean imagine, the letters You write today and then go back two-hundred years, and You might have to spend some to compare the letters.

Many of the words are also, a different version.

Second problem is the amount of stuff written.

If You had like two-hundred words, You could learn to read the language, by comparing it to later version.

We found less then a hundred runes, in the grave itself.

Here is where the miracle happened.

One of the kids, who was helping dig out the mound, had a small ground penetrating radar.

It was not like the ones in movies, with graphic and a large screen.

It was just a small box, that could show if there is a cavity.

You place it at the wall, and it will show you how deep the wall is.

He showed it to me, and I now know how deep my walls are in my room.

We also did it on the floor, and it found the walls that hold up my floor.

So after we have done, what we should do, we let him and some of his friends play around inside the grave.

When somebody has worked hard, they should be allow to play.

They had success nearly from the start.

They probed the walls, around the chamber.

They found an extra cavity behind a secondary room.

Okay. Simply Viking grave mounds, has a main room. Like a hallway. On each side is smaller rooms, behind big stones.

On the left hand side, was a small room, we first called the servants room.

Where some killed servant, was placed, to serve the king in Valhalla.

Behind it was just earth, or so we thought.

But about two meters behind that wall, was another cavity.

We got the team to dig out the wall.

And it that room we found another treasury.

We found two Roman shields, some Roman and German swords, gold and other stuff from the Roman empire.

Those things was dated to around the birth of Christ.

You might have heard about it, about seven years back.

The Roman scholars, couldn't find any clues to which Roman general, that reached Jutland.

That general's names we know know was Drusus.

Nero Claudius Drusus (38–9 BC) had a campaign up into the German lands.

Most scholars says that he stopped at the Rhine river.

He might have stopped, but some Roman raids, went into the land behind the Rhine.

Many areas around a Roman city or base camp, would be come 'Romanised'.

They make roads, that are easy to travel on.

Safe cities, that has lesser decease.

Running water, and bathhouses.

All that weapons and other stuff, pales with what we also found.

2: Diary of a King.

We found several pots or jars.

Each had some rolls of goat skin.

They had writing in them.

Some was to damage to read, but not all.

The ones, that was still sealed after two-thousand years, was read-able.

It toke some time, but about a year ago, we started to be able to read some of the stories.

It words are a mix of Latin, and early runes.

You can't make nice curves on a goat skin.

And we can't tell the time line, because they are writing around the same ten years.

-Storming of the City of Wend.

We sailed to the city of Wend.

We had twenty men, with shields and axe.

They were a sleep, when we storm the houses.

Their fighters was weak, and we killed them all.

We only lost two men, Bal and Skal, but they will live in [...].

We got gold and slaves, and some [...].

Lot of bread and fish.

We toke carts to transport the loot.

I Tor-kiln, son of Odian made this record, so people will know of my victory.

As fair as we can figure out the city of Wend, was a small fishing village, that lay close to the mouth of the river Rhine.

They had some trading with the Roman cities and might even have been protected under the 'Pax Romana'.

-The year of the plage

My people are Dying.

I Tor-kiln, has to kill my favourite servant, and my best horse, to [...] gods.

I also made ten days fast, where nobody can leave their [...].

After the fast, only a few died.

That shows that the [...] favour me, and my reign.

Tor-kiln, son of Odian.

The plage, was something that happened ten years BC, and it killed many people up and down the Rhine, and all the way up into what we call north Jutland.

-The druids

The druids [...], came to me.

They don't server me, but we respect each other, and that is good.

They have to escort a young man, to a secret [...]

I, Tor-kiln, son [...] gave them three of my best fighters, and a […]

-Another raid.

I, Tor-kiln [...] is a great fighter.

Known for my hammer, that always strikes true.

They might have fine shields, and nice armours.

But they forgot to guard the […]

We killed the Roman […], and took their wagon.

A box in […] was filled with gold.

The scholars found that raid recorded.

Tor-kiln has made a skill of attacking wagons.

They were light defended, and carried gold.

The Romans had started talking about the growing treat, to their settlements close to the Rhine.

That wagon, was carrying gold to seal a peace deal, so the German tribes would stop attacking the settlements of Roma.

-The Roman assault.

My king [...], son of Odian is dead.

We had to many victories over the Roman.

They sailed up the coast, and attacked through the forest.

Only [...] made it out alive.

I saw Tor-kiln, with his Hammer, fighting a legion of soldiers.

Many a river will run read with the blood from his hammer.

When the […] we found the gold and weapons.

I will make a buried mount, to honour my king.

The Roman raid, was something they would do.

Take a light ship, sail close to the enemy camp, and the raid the camp, and kill any one they could find.

That attack might even have lead to the Viking raids a thousand years later.

-The young man returns.

I was a træl (slave), when the druids came.

It might have been eight or more years ago.

The young man, I helped reach [….]

He looks the same, like the years have not affected him.

His family is dead, in the raid.

We will close the last of the jars, and put it inside the Mound.

That is all we had.

But the kid with the radar probe, wanted to play some more.

He found another cavity.

About ten meters down.

Beneath the main or king's chamber.

3: The Legend of Spellbinder

Now digging down inside a burial mound, is difficult.

You have to hand dig, your way down.

Like old school mining.

Of course we made the kids do it.

They found the cavity, they have to dig it out.

Of course we also had professional help.

I never have seen a kid as happy, as when they broke through the wall to the cavity.

I have a picture of them.

Clayed in mud, grinning from ear to ear.

And holding a German broad sword.

The first thing they got out from the cavity.

There was only some simple sword, and small trinkets.

They were all marked, like somebody used them to train their skill in metal carving.

We found more jars with writing on goat skins.

The biggest weapon we found, was what soon was named 'Tor-kiln's Hammer'.

The special about this hammer, is that normally it would be metal head, and wood shaft.

This hammer is all metal, and on the side was written letters.

We have not found those letters, anywhere in the world.

So it points to another language, that we know nothing about.

Here is the accounts of somebody called “Magi betvingeren.”

Or in English “Spell-binder”.

-The kid

The kid was chosen as druid apprentice.

He was found talking with animal.

He was lost, and the druid [..]

He was [..] and now he is a druid […]

-He binds magic

His skill was […] and Knogle magi.

His writing binds magic to object.

He is working night and day to perfect [...]

We think the words 'Knogle Magi', means Necromancy.


His first gift to Tor-kiln was a ring, that keeps away bugs.

The ring is birch tree, and has gold writing on it.

[..] and that is how it works.

[..] belt [..] that makes You stronger.

Gloves [..] protect […] fire.

We found the ring, and we have no idea if it is real magic, or just make believe.

It doesn't protect against bugs.

We lay it on the bottom of a jar with flues, and they did not alter their flight.

The belt of strength from the legends of Thor.

We did find a belt buckle, with writing on it.

The leather of the belt was rotten away.

The gloves was not found, but maybe they also rotten away, before we ever entered the cavity.

-Tor-kiln hammer

The last thing [...] gave was a hammer.

Made out of metal, and written with ancient magic runes.

Just before he left for [...]

He gave it to Tor-kiln, so he could protect his family.

Tor-kiln also swore an oat to protect an area of the north [..]

Where the Young man's wife and [..] lived.

This is the only time, I have seen Tor-kiln kneel to anybody, but his wife and kids.

If the stories matches to together, then we might have the legend of Thor.

4: The Start

I am not lost, I keep telling the old man.

He must be at least thirty or something.

In white robe, and with a long white beard.

The Druid ask: “If You are not lost, then what are You doing deep in the old forest.?”

I say: “Skraa told be about some meat, that he has buried, and none of his friends a around.”

I look after Skraa, but he left, when the old man came.

I continue: “He needed me to dig it out, because his mouth can't dig very deep.”

The old man looks at me.

I have dug, a small hole in the ground.

It was easy to dig, because it has been dug up before.

The smell of dead comes from the hole.

The old man says: “Well. Then dig out the body of what ever it is.”

I get down to business, and dig the next two or three hands of mud out.

I find a small dead squirrel, and take it stinks rotten. But skraa like his meat rotten.

I say: “Maybe if You go away Skraa will come back, and eat it.”

He says: “I will follow You back to your parents house.

Leave the dead squirl on the ground.”

He sounds like he means it.

We start walking, and Skraa shouts:

“Thanks for the meal.”

The old man says: “What is Skraa.? If he a crow or something like that.?”

I says: “Yes. Does he also talks with You.?”

The old man says: “No, I talk with trees, but I do understand, some of what animals says.”

We walk toward my house, and talk about the plants and the animals.

I can only talks with dogs, and some birds.

The old man says: “You might be gifted with animal speech.”

We reach my house, and I run in to my bed.

It is late, and the Sun is leaving the sky.

The old man knock on the door, of my house.

My dad opens the door, and bows to the man.

My mother also bow to him.

My father and the old man, walks outside, and talks for some time.

I hear what my mother ask my father, when the old man leaves:

“Is our son to become a druid.?”

My father says:

“Yes, He has the gift of talking with animals.”

The next morning, my father says:

“Today You have to travel with the druid.

If You are good, You will become a druid.”

I ask: “What is a druid.?”

My dad says: “Druid are protectors of the forest and the animals.

They keep the world in balance, and protect against evil spirits, that live beneath the earth.”

The old man, comes and meet me.

He says: “This choice has to be made by You, and You alone.

You can be a fisherman like your fighter.

Or You can become a druid, and learn magic and gain power.”

I sit and think for a minute.

Like fishing with dad, but I also like to learn new stuff.

I ask my dad: Will you be sad, if I choose the druid way.?”

He has tears in his eyes, when he says:

“No. My son being a holy druid, will make me the happiest man alive.”

I hug him, and says to the old man:

“I choose the druid way.”

My mum comes out, and gives me a hug.

She also has tears in her eyes.

After ten minutes, we leave the house, I have called home for seven years.

My parents wave at me as we walk into the wood, just outside of my home.

After we have walked for some time, then druid start to talk to me about the trees and the plants.

Sometime a bird will land on his shoulder, or his head.

Skraa comes to me, and for the first time lands on my head.

He is way to big, to sit on my shoulder, and the head is the only other option.

Skraa says: “He is happy that I chosen the forest druids way.”

Skraa lift off, and circle ones.

He shouts: “And thanks for digging out the meat yesterday.”

Then he leaves.

The druid nod his head, toward the crow:

“So that is skraa.? He seems nice.”

We sit down and eat some berries from a bush.

They taste sweat, and he gives me some water from his skin.

He says: “Don't take more than half of the plants berries. Leave some for the next traveller.”

I ask: “but what is You are really hungry.?”

The druid says: “Then You have made a mistake and will walk away with hungry belly, and a lesson learned.

You can learn much, by listening to your body.”

He smiles and says: “Some times You take all the berries, but that is not wise.

Maybe the next one that comes this way, if even more hungry than you, and might be a friend.”

He looks sad: “Wars starts, because somebody takes with does not belong to them.”

I say: “But war is fun. My father says so.”

The druid say: “War is fun, if You win.

If your family or friends are killed, war is pain and sorrows.”

Over the next many months, the druid, who name is Gerard, starts to teach me how to become a druid.

Everything from making plants grow and kill old animal, so they can help new plants grow.

We come to the winter months, and we spend a lot of time inside the small hut, that he has.

One afternoon, I am bored and playing with some stones with marking.

The stone start to glow.

The stone's making start to glow, with another colour.

A grey vortex opens in front of face.

A cold wind start to blow through the vortex.

Gerard uses a pole to break the stones apart.

The vortex closes.

I could see something, moving inside the vortex, just as it was closing.

Gerard says: “Those stones are a portal stone, and a weather stone.

When You put them together, You can open portal to other places.”

I say: “Let us do that. It will be more fun, than sitting inside in the snow.”

Gerard says: “Do You know how to survive in those places.?

It might be inside a tree, or on top of a high mountain. Or even inside a fire.”

I say: “At least I would by warm, inside at fire.”

Gerard laugh: “Yes. Warm, but dead.”

Gerard looks at me.

Then he says: “I need to find out something.”

He takes out some bones, that he uses to divination.

He tells me what he is doing, so I might learn it sometime.

He takes seven bones, a stone, and a metal cube, and put them all, inside a cup.

He shakes the cup seven times, then once more, and once more. “Once for each element.”

He spill the object on the table.

The metal cube falls to the ground.

I am about to pick-it up, but Gerard stops me.

“The objects of divination lands, where they need to land.”

He looks through the objects.

He become more and more upset.

He does it once more.

Collects the object, and shake them

Seven times, then once, and once more.

He spills the object on the table, and again the metal falls on the ground.

I stand completely still.

I might only be eight, but I know magic, and this is it.

Gerard says: “Don't touch the stones.

I have to speak with somebody about this.

I will be back in a day or two.”

He walk out in the snow, and after ten seconds he is gone.

I close the door, and goes to bed early.

It takes ten days, before Gerard is back.

I have many times looked at the stone.

I even tried to write the signs, that are one the stones.

I use a knife and some of the wood, we use for fire.

When Gerard comes back, the snow has stopped falling and world seems warmer.

He comes in and sit down.

He has a dead rabbit with him.

He says: “You know how the make this into dinner.?”

I say: “Yes, but not how to take the insides parts out.”

Gerard shows me, the inside has been remove.

I start to make a fire, and make rabbit stew.

This is the first meat, I have eaten in a long time.

Gerard says: “You will need meat in your belly for the next couple of days.”

When the rabbit is cocking he takes my hand and ask me to strip.

He has to see something on my body.

He finds a birthmark behind the right knee.

I get to take my cloth back on.

He makes a drawing of the birthmark.

I have never seen the mark my self.

I have many time, tried to, but my body is to rigged, to bend the right way.

It looks like a ball with two holes.

I ask: “What is it.?”

Gerard says: “This is called the dead head.”

I look at the drawing:

“Oh yes. It could be a head, or the bones from a head.”

Gerard says: “The bone in the head...”

He knocks on his own head:

“Is called a skull, and it is the marking of necromancy.

Just like the divination bones told me.”

I ask: “What is necromancy.?”

He explains: “Necromancy is the study of dead, and control of the dead.”

I ask: “Is that bad.?”

He says: “No. It is not good or bad.

A knife is not good or bad. It is how You use the knife, that is the bad part.”

He looks at my scripting on a wood block.

He says: “Did You do this.?”

I say: “Yes. I was bored, and I had done all my work. So I tried to copy the signs on the stones.”

He says: “You might have more then just necromancy. You might also be an enchanter.”

I ask: “What is Enchanting.?”

I am learning a lot of new words, for my little brain.

He says: “Look after the rabbit.”

The rabbit has gotten enough, and we start to eat it.

Normally I would break the bones, and eat the marrows, but Gerard says no.

He says: “Go to bed, we will have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

The next day, the bone from the rabbit has been cleaned and laid in the table.

Gerard says: “Today I will learn You how to bind spells. You can bind spells to most objects.

The better and stronger the object, the better and strong the spell.”

He ask me to watch what he does.

He takes one of the bones from the rabbit.

He takes a needle, that has been warmed in a candle, and draws a sign on the bone.

When the sign is finished, he blows some air over the bone.

The bone starts to glow, and the sign glow another colour.

He says: “Repeat this sign, on the bones of the rabbit. The more signs You can draw on each bone, the better.”

Okay. I have no idea of what I am doing, but it is magic, and I want to learn it.

I spend the rest of the day, first drawing the sign, and then learning to blow magic into the bones.

As the evening comes comes to an end, I have o stop.

I am falling a sleep with the needle in my hand.

Gerard stops me, and gets me to stand up.

The bones of the rabbit has been placed on the table.

He says a word of command, and all the bones starts to glow.

Slowly they start to re-assemble.

I am sure that I am dreaming, but after a minute...

The rabbit's skeleton is standing on the table.

Gerard send me to bed.

I wake up three or more times that night.

The rabbit's skeleton is standing on the table and watching me.